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Since the original 'Crush' gambling site, Casino-Crush.Com was created, we have also created some other sites to more specifically meet the needs of other types of online gambling.

Of course these other GENUINE Crush Gambling sites are owned and managed by Geno. Here's a quick overview of them:-

Poker Crush Forums

Poker-Crush.Com - this consists of a small Poker portal site and a fast growing Poker Forum with a resident 'Poker Guru' who gives exclusive lessons in poker and has monthly Cash Contests to test that you've been reading and digesting their lessons.

Bingo-Crush.Com - this forum is specifically for all those that love to play Bingo. Here you will also find a bunch of Free Arcade Games to play where you can take part in our Monthly High Score contests and win FREE CASH (no deposit required!).

online-slots-tourneys.com - This site is a new partnership site with an increasing number of online casino sites that love loyalty and people playing so much they have Monthly Slots Tournaments for players signed up using theirs and Casino Crush banners. This site uses a custom designed 'Tourney Engine' module - exclusively built for use at Crush sites only! Casino Crush initially started these and gave away a massive $20,000 with a large Microgaming group of casinos! Yes TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS!

Gambling-Crush.Com - A smaller portal site dedicated to a small niche of highly recommended casino groups.

Casino Crush

Casino-Crush.Com - Lastly, but by no means least - The first and original Crush gambling site. The BIGGEST of all our Crush Sites. This is THE BIGGEST PAYING CASINO GAMBLING FORUM. See all our Contest Winners here.

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