Watch out for Casino Crush imitations. You can spot these if you visit our genuine Casino Crush site. Whilst other imitate, we continue to innovate.
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If you google "Casino Crush" - you will always see the genuine Casino Crush site listed first (google have assured us of this having made contact with them about other sites that were 'scraping' our content and using this to get higher up in the search engines). We do not practice any such SEO techniques, only good, ethical methods are used for our search engine submissions.

Many of our affiliate partners have taken our side on 'abuse of affiliate brand names' is unethical marketing and we will work with these companies to have their accounts terminated if we are advised of other sites practising such things for example is NOT anything to do with You can check this via the whois site. This is a domain that was bought by a disgruntled ex-staff member of Casino Crush who was dismissed due to inapprorpriate activity.

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