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Casino Crush forums was created back in December 2003 by Geno (crushadmin at CC forums) with the idea of creating a truly unique forum experience.

The following aspects of Casino-Crush.Com sums up the site well, still to this day.

- To provide an easy to use, easy to find resource for like-minded individuals building a Happy Gaming community. The motto "Happy Gaming" is something you'll most likely on every page at the site.

- Exclusive Features using Geno's coding abilities, learned from his background in Computer Programming and use of Databases.

- Monthly Cash Prize Contests - Casino-Crush.Com forums give away around $1,000 EVERY MONTH in CASH PRIZES PLUS they also have EXCLUSIVE Slots Tourneys set up for loyal members that have used our banners to sign up and deposit at specially selected casino sites. We were THE FIRST to offer Monthly Cash Prizes - starting with just a few prizes. Now, we have many more prizes every month all of which are in contests you can play for free including our unique Mazuma Mazes where you can hunt for great prizes for free (of course!)

Casino Crush have given away over $300,000 in just over 10 years of being online!


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